Project Overview

Innovate & Integrate with SAP

Working with our friends at Woo Creative, we created an immersive and informative experience at SAP’s brand new NYC HQ high atop the Hudson Yards complex on Manhattan’s west side. The installation is an array of 8″x8″ LED panels linked together to form a custom 30′ wall with a 15′ return. Situated in a corner space with floor to ceiling windows on two walls, natural light was a concern. So, practical, motorized blackout shades were incorporated into the presentation which synced up with a digital curtain on screen to start the show. A digital host, shot on green screen and composited in our CG world, guides the guests through the many facets of what SAP Leonardo can do to better connect businesses in the global marketplace through machine learning, IoT, Blockchain, analytics, Big Data and more.

Movie 1
Movie 2

Agency | Woo Creative
Client | SAP
Role | Design / 3D Animation / Composite