Project Overview

What Makes A Pioneer?

Indian Mathmatician, Aryabhata, pioneered the concept of “Zero”, which is precisely what Toyota is doing with their hydrogen-fueled zero-emission Mirai. Directed by our friend Jens Mebes in conjunction with production company Mutually Assured Destruction, we created the intro to this spot which takes the viewer on a journey from an illustration of Aryabhata made of zeroes, through the solar system arriving at the hydrogen fuel-cell of the Toyota Mirai. In addition, we handled all post produciton VFX which included retouching, background cleanup and replacement and adjusting the placement of the little “clean air vehicle” decals on the live action shots.

Movie 1
Movie 2

Agency | Mutually Assured Destruction
Client | Toyota
Role | Composite / 3D Animation / Plate Clean Up